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ShareBuilder login: ShareBuilder(formally ShareBuilder Securities Corporation) is the United States based online brokerage firm founded in 1996. It encourages recurring, automatic purchases of shares of stock, ING Mutual Funds and exchange-traded funds. All transactions occur online and are entirely at the discretion of the account holder. Thus it is an execution-only service. The company does not have brokerage sales representatives or advisors. Account holders can use ShareBuilders online research tools to investigate stocks, similar to other online brokerages such as Scottrade, TD Ameritrade and Fidelity. Get to know more about ShareBuilder login details and login process. 

ShareBuilder login

 The ShareBuilder platinum Visa Card features a Zero per cent APR the first 12 months, no annual fees and balance transfer saving. Monthly investor Rewards cash rebates can be tied to customer's automatic monthly investment plans, and the one percent savings can be continuously invested. Customers can apply online for the ShareBuilder platinum Visa by going directly to ShareBuilder makes investing in the stock market easy and affordable for all investors. ShareBuilders allows anyone to buy fractions of shares in regular, dollar-based amounts-truly making it possible for first-time or moderately experienced investors to create their long-term investment plans.

Company Awards:

ShareBuilder has earned a bunch of awards has been recognised as one of the top online brokers for beginning and long-term investors. Among the prizes:

Forbes Best-of-the-Web awards in January 2003 and January 2004.
Kiplinger's Personal Finance ranked ShareBuilder in 25 ways to invest $1,000.

Sharebuilder Accounts:

We give you the option to open numerous types of accounts. This money can be kept separate from your regular Share Account. Whether you would like to put money aside for college, vacation, income tax or a special occasion-you can open as many as you need. Saving is easy with payroll deduction and direct deposit. There is no minimum balance required, and balances over $100.01 earn dividends.

ShareBuilder login

Sharebuilder Account Types:

ShareBuilder offers seven unique account types:

  • Individual Account
  • Joint Account
  • Traditional IRA
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    Rollover IRA
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    Roth or Conversion IRA
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    Custodial Account
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    Custodial Account

Sharebuilder Account Features and Benefits:

Depending on the type of brokerage account you are opening, you may be able to apply to trade options and to apply for the margin account. All account types can use and be approved for options trading. However, Custodial and ESAs can only be accepted for Level-1 options trading. While individual, joint, IRA, and Roth IRA accounts can be approved for Level-2 options trading.

At this time, only individual and joint accounts can be approved for margin borrowing. Buying securities on margin is not appropriate for all investors. Before investing on margin, please read the Margin Account Agreement for important risk disclosure information, and see ShareBuilder's margin interest rates.

How To Login Sharebuilder Credit Card?

If you want to avail all the features your card has got all you need is to log in to your account. On your internet browser, enter the official website by typing this direct URL for logging in or else just by clicking here. Once directed to their login page, fill in the necessary text field and enter your username in the text box that requires you to do so.

You can click the remember Me checkbox so that the computer you are using for you, and the next time you log in to ShareBuilder you will not type your Username anymore and directly click Sign In. After inputting your Username click sign in.If you are facing any problems with your login credentials then you can reset your login credentials by following some necessary steps:

  • On your Internet browser, enter the official website by typing this direct URL for logging in or else just by clicking here.
  • After clicking the link, you will be then directed to their username Rest page.
  • Fill in the necessary information they require you such as the last four digits of your social security Number, ZIP code you have registered with share Builder, your date of birth, and your last name.
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    After filling in, the required text fields click Next.
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    After doing so, you may be then directed to a new page that will maybe ask you more of some information, follow the onscreen instructions carefully to retrieve your login credentials.

Sharebuilder Credit Card Reviews:

The main take away from most ShareBuilder reviews is that this investment firm is from beginning investors- or for those who prefer the autopilot approach to invest. The site tools are associated with trading fees are not meant to accommodate someone who is actively trading on a regular basis. However, for someone who is just starting the investment process, it is a simple way to jump board, the fact that you can set your account to invest automatically ensures no need to persistent oversight or maintenance.

Additionally, most reviewers say the customer service department is both friendly and helpful, but its knowledge is pretty much limited to the use of the platform. The customer service reps are not necessarily financial experts, so traders need to come to ShareBuilder with some level of Knowledge or have access to help from another source. Most of the reviewers agree on is that ShareBuilder is easy to use. The platform offers your account info at a glance, allows you to navigate with ease, and makes necessary automated investing as simple as it can be.


When considering an online discount brokerage ShareBuilder is one of the best options out there for long-term investors who want to set up automatic investments and do long-term dollar cost averaging. If you are more of an active trader, you may want to look elsewhere for a slightly lower cost option, although they are still pretty competitive. But if you want a plan that will allow you to invest over the long term automatically. ShareBuilder would be an excellent place to check out.

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